Smoke house since 1898

Nordbornholms Røgeri has roots deeply embedded in the island of Bornholm, dating back to 1898.
From the beginning it was a traditional Bornholm smokehouse, which mostly made smoked herring for citizens in Copenhagen.

In the middle of the 1960's the smokehouse was sold by Mrs. Madsen to Arne Jacobsen.
Arne sold the smokehouse to the current owners Jesper Jensen and Carsten Grønning in 2002.

The smokehouse has since undergone several changes so that the smokehouse presents itself today as a modern company with respect for the old.

The smokehouse is located right next to the rocks, in the city of  Allinge, yet right in the nature of Bornholm. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional smoked herring or something else from our delicious range of specialities.

One can always order from the smokehouse via our E-shop.